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mag_release TrulyTactical™ SKS Extended Magazine Release
FREE SHIPPING on this item...

this is THE Mag release that's Actually Tactical... not just "TactiCool"...

NOT Plastic!

NOT attached with "set screws"


...This is the REAL DEAL... Military grade Each and every TT Mag Release we sell is Hand made with an OEM Mag Catch, Cold forged... Welded... sculpted... re-welded, (as needed) , Sandblasted, cleaned,... and then BLACK PARKERIZED. oiled, and FINALLY packaged..

Now you won't have to move your hand off the pistol grip to swap out mags.

ALSO: We will buy your old OEM mag release from you... send it in and we will PayPal you 7.00 USD

to an address within the united States of America .... *see "Shipping Info" for more info.. We do not export firearms parts or accessories that enhance the firearm's functionality
This item is made by hand, one at a time... sometimes we get hammered with orders and run behind...please allow up to 4-8 weeks for delivery in RARE instances.
Sorry, but we cannot export this outside of the USA.

PS... If we are running behind... please expect a delay in shipping... we WILL get it out to you... it will just take a few weeks... Please be patient as we struggle to catch up with high demand.
dvd_cover_art TrulyTactical - DVD - Modding Your SKS with Antibabylon
"Shipping Info"
Canadian Customers: YES we CAN ship this to Canada...

In this EIGHT Part DVD Video Series you will see: SKS Mods part A Converting to removable mags, how to field-strip the rifle, how to disassemble the bolt.. SKS Mods part B Load and Unload with the bolt CLOSED OR OPEN ...the DROP FREE BOLT MOD, and how to reassemble your bolt SKS Mods Part C "Primer" on Section 922r Compliance, Converting over to a Tapco Synthetic aftermarket stock, Tapco Handguard and gastube SKS Mods part D tapco stock assemble and the WHY you NEED and How to DO the Tapco (Field Strip) pistol grip mod SKS Mods part E Installing the TruelyTactical™ Single Point Sling Adapter SKS Mods part F Installing the sksMagAdapter This will allow you to use modified NO DUCKBILL Tapco 20 round mags in your SKS... SKS Mods part G Performing the sksMagAdapter BOLT MOD How.. and WHY SKS Mods part H Installing the TruelyTactical™ SKS Extended Magazine Release When you complete these Mods to your SKS.. you will have an Actually Tactical SKS..... NOT just a "TactiCool" one... This DVD is composed of eight sections that run just under 10 minutes each... total running time is just under 80 Minutes. Antibabylon and Action Ornamental Are NOT Lawyers and NOTHING in this DVD should be thought of as "Legal Advice"... YOU are responsible for undergoing your OWN legal research into your State and Local Laws, and Federal 922r compliance.
Modding-Your-SKS-Volume-2-Cover-Art-400-wide TrulyTactical - DVD - Modding Your SKS Volume 2 - The Front End Two DVD Set

Modding Your SKS Part II The Front End
TWO DVDs on this Volume 2, Double DVD Set
with common and readily available hand and power tools we will;
1) remove the front end parts, fsp, gas-block, stock ferule (retailing ring), rear sight block/base, etc off the barrel.
2) using a "lathe" that we have improvised out of our 1/2" chuck hand held power-drill, we will "turn down" the barrel in places as needed...
3) Discuss temp v permanent mount Flash hiders then Cut barrel down to 16.125 inches.
4) discuss need for and then re-crown bbl
5) thread bbl for (922r Compliance Part!) US Made Flash 9/16x24tpiRH Smith Vortex Flash Eliminator.
6) install USGI M16A1 bayo lug for US bayonets M9 and M7
7) Install Modified Prince50 SKS "Para" front Sight Base
7) install smith vortex
8) re-blue as needed

BONUS DISK: includes:
9) Filling the spike (or blade) Cut in the Tapco stock with 4 Minute JB Weld, and finish sculpting...
10) drilling and tapping our new fore arm lower...
11) installing a Magpul M.O.E. 11 slot Picitinny Rail...
12) Installing a Magpul AFG2 on our new pic rail...
13) How to install the Gen3 sksMagAdapter.
and that includes some stock inletting...
14) install the Tapco "Sling Nut" for less expensive single-point sling mounting...
These mods will dramatically lighten the front end of our rifles allowing them to be MUCH more "handy" and usable in tight areas... now That's Truly Tactical.

YES! We will ship this outside of the USA... So Canadians... YES... I will ship this item to you... be sure to select "Canada/International" when you check out.
YES! We Rent Tools!
Only in the USA.. We do Not rent tools to customers in other countries...
x39-training-rounds-aka-dummy-ammo-400-wide TrulyTactical™ 7.62x39 (AK/SKS) TRAINING "dummy" AMMO
Inert, No Primer, No powder
Brass Case, Boxer Primer Pocket, Horniday V-Max Ballistic Nylon Tipped Bullet
Non-Firing "dummy" rounds...
Load into your Mag and run FTF drills and Doublefeed clearance drills... (as can be seen in the Magpul Tactical Carbine videos)
These are loaded into previously fired BRASS Cartridge cases of varying manufacturers. NO STEEL CASES. Bullets are crimped in REAL tightly too...

Sorry, but we cannot export this outside of the USA.
mag_mod_pic TrulyTactical Service - Mod your Tapco SKS Mag for you.
I will modify your Tapco Mag FOR you

Buy new ones from me here or ship them to me..

after they're modded I will ship them to you.

This is a SERVICE. A Service of modifying YOUR mags that you are mailing in to us... or mags that you are also buying from our Tapco Magazines page... (mags are sold separately.)

united States of America .... LEGAL Jurisdiction address ONLY... *see "Shipping Info" for more info on where we can legally ship this
Sorry, but we cannot export this outside of the USA.
bolt_mod TrulyTactical Service - Modify bolt for "drop-Free mod" and "SKS Mag Adapter mod"
If you ship me your SKS Bolt, I will disassemble it.... perform the "Drop-Free bolt mod" mod and the "sksMagAdapter bolt Mod" and then reassemble it and send it back to you...

to an address within the united States of America .... *see "Shipping Info" for more info
Sorry, but we cannot export this outside of the USA.
M16A1-Bayo-Lug TrulyTactical™ - M16A1 Bayonet Lug (.625 I.D.)
Pre-modified FOR YOU
This M16A1 Bayonet Lug has been cut out of an AR-15/M16A1 Front Sight Housing and is Black Parkerized and READY for you to instal onto your NON HBAR AR15 or other rifle barrel (such as we did in our "Modding your SKS Volume 2" DVD...
When properly installed, this US Made Part will allow attachment od a USGI M9, or M7 Bayonet to your rifle (assuming your muzzle control device is of proper spec diameter, such as a Smith Vortex and the like)(and assuming it is installed at the proper distance from the muzzle...)
This item is made by hand, one at a time... sometimes we get hammered with orders and run behind...please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery in rare instances.

Sorry but we CANNOT ship this item outside of the USA.
silver-solder TrulyTactical™ - 12" length of SILVALOY 355 SILVER SOLDER
$7.99 $6.49 On Sale!
Silvaloy 355 is recommended for joining steel, stainless steel, copper, copper alloys, nickel, nickel alloys and precious metals to themselves or any combination of these. Has the lowest flow temperature, best wetting and best flow characteristics of any cadmium-free, high silver content, commercial silver solder. Highly recommended for all silver solder jobs where sheet or flow method is desired. A "must" for installing sights and ramps on stainless steel guns since the almost-white color matches stainless steel beautifully. Use with Ultra Flux®. 1/32"Round Wire. Melts at 1145° F., flows at 1205° F. 56% silver. MAP Gas torch or Oxyacetylene is recommended as propane is not really hot enough...
ultraflux TrulyTactical™ - UltraFlux Brand - Silver Brazing Flux
$7.99 $5.49 On Sale!
One Teaspoon... because you don't need a whole pound of it for one little job...
Paste Flux For Silver Solders

Designed specifically for use with silver solders like Silvaloy 355. Protects the work piece and improves the flow characteristics of solder. Creamy texture applies easily with brush, resists drying and caking. Works up to 1600° F. on all metals except aluminum, magnesium and titanium.
Modding-your-SKS-Vol-1-and-2-SET TrulyTactical - DVD - Modding Your SKS Volumes 1 and 2 - Package Deal
$47.99 $39.99 On Sale!
Package Deal... save 7.51