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Misguided politicians are seeking to exploit the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut in order to take away the rights of honest, hard working Americans. As a result, we are overloaded with orders.

Things are moving to quickly for us to be able to maintain an accurate "real time" edit to our website... stuff is selling out faster than we can keep up... Call before you order to verify status of an item... it might be SOLD OUT...If you place an order for an item we have in stock, we pledge to fill your order. However, many people are placing orders with multiple merchants, and as soon as one fill the order, cancelling the orders with others. We reserve the right to charge a 10% order cancellation fee.

Please note: The overwhelming number of emails and phone calls we are receiving may make it difficult if not impossible to reach us currently. We urge everyone to use caution in placing orders on our website - as our ability to modify and cancel orders is greatly reduced due to the sheer volume of orders we are receiving.

Order shipping times for in stock items are estimated at 12-14 days. Choosing Air or other expedited shipping methods will not shorten this lead time.

Backordered item shipping times are dependent on inventory being received from our manufacturers. “When will it be in stock?” or “When will my backorder ship?” are not questions we can answer with any certainty right now.

Also; some items can no longer be back-ordered from us. While we cannot estimate lead times from most manufacturers, it is reasonable to assume that our current back-order levels could take MONTHS to fulfill in some cases.

It is our intention to fill each and every order placed - as it is possible to do so, or promptly refund orders as requested, in as timely fashion as possible. W ask your patience and understanding.

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All sales will be subject to the SAME laws that apply to citizens... If your State law forbids or regulates an item that we sell in the case of ownership, possession, or use by a regular law abiding Citizen... then... those SAME rules will be applied to ALL... regardless of badge or credentials. NO sales to Federal Agencies or Federal Agency Employees....
Caveot: We WILL sell/ship to Sworn US Military personnel on Active Duty with proof of current membership in to JOIN...

Modding-your-SKS-Vol-1-and-2-SET TrulyTactical - DVD - Modding Your SKS Volumes 1 and 2 - Package Deal
$47.99 $39.99 On Sale!
Package Deal... save 7.51
Prince50-SKS-FSB-Gen2-200-wide.JPG Prince50 SKS Para Front Sight Block
$59.99 $58.99 On Sale!
As seen in "Modding your SKS Volume 2 - The Front End"

Aftermarket front sight - fits ALL SKS rifles - PERFECT for your "Para" conversion...

The purpose for this kit is to allow a barrel to be cut down to Paratrooper length without the need to turn down (lathe) the diameter at the muzzle end to accept the smaller bore of the original front sight block.
Sorry, but we cannot export this outside of the USA.
sks-Front-Sight-Seat.JPG SKS Front Sight Seat
IN STOCK again!!

Original Military Equipment Manufactured part -- NOT an "Aftermarket" part.

Sorry, but we can only ship this ITAR /State Department Regulated item to a USA address..
ameriglo-tritium-sks-and-ak-fsp-THUMBNAIL-PIC.JPG SKS and AK-47 Tritium Front Sight Post (night sight)
$59.99 $54.99 On Sale!
made by Ameriglo, one of America's finest sight manufacturers... This is a self-illuminating, green, Trijicon® tritium insert in the front post provide an easy-to-acquire, 3-dot sight picture during low light operations. Uni directional front post has M6 x .075" tpi thread for easy replacement with any standard issue front sight post.

Fits ANY SKS or AK with OEM front sight block.

Sorry, but we cannot export this item outside of the USA.
SERE_Key_and_quarter-150-wide.jpg SERE Key / Handcuff Key - Concealable, super tough polymer
$12.00 $8.95 On Sale!
ATTENTION LEO and Corrections Officers... Corrections history is littered with incidents wherein inmates have taken facility workers and corrections personnel hostage in attempts to barter for more liberties or gain exit from facility grounds. In all too many of these cases hostages have been held for extended periods, subdued and contained oftentimes with their own equipment...

Introducing the Concealable, plastic universal handcuff Key - opens all brand of cuffs.

Click on the Picture for more info and pictures...

(quarter not included...LOL)
Canadians/International Orders... YES... I will ship this item to you... be sure to select "Canada/International" when you check out.

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